About Me

 I'm a postdoctoral researcher in the Batista Lab at Yale University. I defended my PhD in Chemistry and Scientific Computing at the University of Michigan in December 2020 and completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago with a major in Chemistry and minor in Physics. My research involves simulating electronically nonadiabatic dynamics in complex molecular systems via the generalized quantum master equation. At Michigan, I contributed to improvements of the Chemistry department, as a mentor through the Chemistry Mentorship Program, treasurer of the Chemistry Graduate Student Council, and a representative of the graduate student body for an external review of the Department. I have been involved in education research at Michigan through the Compute-to-Learn and Future Faculty Graduate Student Instructor program. I was part of the executive board of the ACS Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee for the Spring 2020 National Meeting, where we hosted a symposium on smart materials. Outside of my cubicle, I enjoy watching Chicago and Michigan sports, participating in intramurals, playing golf, creating and viewing art, and playing piano.